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Our Balloons and Rental


Delivery And installation

Garland Installation

$25ft + Delivery Installation

Average Time For Garland Installation is 1 - 2.5 hrs.

At Steel City Balloons, we believe every occasion calls for balloons. 

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Pick-up Garlands

Garlands come ready for installation, and I will give you the appropriate hanging materials to install all your garland along with directions on how to install 

Available for pick up in Robinson, PA

Size Guides

Free Stand Arch

Pricing starts at $350 before delivery and installation

The classic balloon arch that everyone loves! Available in 2 sizes for outdoor and indoor installations (weather permitting)

Balloon Wall

8x8 starts at $640

8x10 starts at $800 Plus delivery

There is no better backdrop than a wall of balloons. Balloon Walls are great backdrops at any event type. The size is customizable on request

Jumbo Bouquets

Bouquets can be customized for any budget and any height! They are priced per balloon and are always a client favorite.

Jumbo Balloons

My personal favorite. These balloons are up to 3ft in diameter, can be any color, be customized with any message, and have the cutest matching tassel.

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Free Stand Arch

1 Arch $200

2 Arch $250

3 Arch $300

4 Arch $350

Price includes rent, basic customization, and strike fee

Panels are available to be fully customized with paint, signage, vinyl, patterns, etc. Full arches come in 7ft and 6ft. Half arches are available in left or right facing and are 4ft tall.

Back Drops

Balloon Garland Kit

Available for pick up in Robinson, PA 

Order a Balloon Garland Kit and make your own Steel City Balloons Garland!

The Kits

1. 260s

2. 5" Balloons

3. 11" Balloons

4. 17 Balloons

5. 24 Balloons

Things You Need!

You will need to purchase an automatic air pump. My favorite is the pink dual nozzle from Amazon.

Command hooks or other mounting materials to hang the garland.

Greenery Backdrop

Bouquets can be customized for any budget and any height! They are priced per balloon and are always a client favorite

Starts at $200, includes rent and strike fee Pricing does not include balloons

Gold Halo Hoops

My Halo Hoop stands 7ft high and wide and can be styled in many different ways with balloons and signage. This backdrop requires delivery 

$175 for rent and strike fee Price does not include balloon


Accepting deliveries 7 days a week, 
depending on availability


2-3 weeks lead time preferred. Orders made within 7 days might result to an added "Rush Fee" or non availablity for delivery



The best place to start is fill out the inquiry form. You will hear back within 24-48 hours to start planning! 

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